IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Copenhagen 2020

Welcome to Denmark and Copenhagen 18 - 23 October 2020.

We are proud to host IWA Congress and Exhibition with the proposed topic: “Water for smart liveable cities” This topic addresses the challenges of the future and we will demonstrate smart water technology, system solutions, governance and policy in order to secure resilience in future towns and cities of the world.


Denmark has a long history of water and a remarkable tradition for sustainable solutions. Copenhagen is a liveable, blue and green city introducing smart integrated water solutions. In Denmark we drink groundwater directly from the tap, and thanks to efficient waste water treatment you can swim in our harbour, and our beaches are clean. New climate resilient neighbourhoods are being planned and built. Congress delegates will have plenty of opportunities to explore this living water laboratory.


Copenhagen, Denmark was chosen to host IWA World Water Congress 2020 at IWA Governing Assembly in Brussels October 2015. You can read the Final Bid from Denmark (version without economy) here.


Sankt Jørgens Lake in Copenhagen can play an important role in safeguarding the city from cloudbursts. (Illustration courtesy by Rambøll).

Join us in Copenhagen

We encourage you to join us in to Copenhagen and participate in IWA World Water Congress &  Exhibition 2020. Read more in this handout.

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